A ‘Bombshell’ Exclusive: Who Will Be Playing Marilyn? (Spoiler + BTS Pictures)

Spoiler alert! A shocking on-set photo reveals a potential twist for Karen & Ivy.

Karen (Katharine McPhee) may have nabbed the lead role in Bombshell‘s out-of-town tryouts, but when the musical finally comes to Broadway, there could be a very different face donning that awful Marilyn Monroe wig. Smash is currently filming its second season.  Scroll down to see the photo, and prepare to have your mind blown:

A Bombshell Exclusive: Who Will Be Playing Marilyn? (Spoiler + BTS Pictures) Smash Bombshell Advertisement Season 2 001

Not only is Ivy (Megan Hilty) credited as the show’s star, but Tom (Christian Borle) has been promoted to director! Meanwhile, Derek (Jack Davenport) appears to have been downgraded to the show’s choreographer. If Tom really does become the new director of Bombshell, it would certainly make sense for him to replace Karen with Ivy, since he was always a fan of the buxom blonde. What do YOU think about this poster? Are you glad Ivy is finally getting the role she was born to play, or do you suspect this is merely part of a dream sequence?

  • Sueduncan

    Ivy is too hard for the role of Marilyn Munro.  Her looks,actions and voice are all too hard.  Katharine is perfect for the part, she is softer and her voice has the perfect pitch.

    I loved this whole season one but in Aussie they kept putting it back really late so I went out and purchased the DVD.  I love singing and dancing and the whole show is “outside the square”, well paced and thoroughly enjoyable.

    I just love Jack Davenport and it would be great to see the chemistry between Karen and Derek deepen into something more (show wise that it!).  Show me the chemistry!

  • http://twitter.com/youtweetmetoo Ima fan

    Karen will ALWAYS be ‘Marilyn’ to me.  She just has ‘it’!!

  • Jenny Ozembloski

    Please do not make me turn the channel, Karen deserves the role, Ivy needs to learn a lesson in life and be humbled by Karen’s hard work and realized that she needs to become a better person. Do we really need to endure Liza Minnelli? I mean really, she is a has been?

  • Twee De Bourg

    My guess?  Karen bails to a new show that starts from even humbler beginnings, lets her sing pop, and makes her a megastar.  Ivy is the second-choice option which can save the show because… her mother jumps on board.  Thus, Karen gets the best of all worlds, Ivy is once again undermined, and status quo is maintained.  One can only hope that like “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” Ivy will be assumed to be riding on coattails, only to wow the critics.

    All worth it if it means Hilty gets more than 2 minutes of screentime.  All-Karen, all-the-time is seriously wearing out my FF button.

  • Charlie.

    THANK GOD. Megan Hilty is just better. End of story.