Smash Premiere Reviews and More Reviews

Smash Premiere Reviews and More Reviews Promo Smash Season 1 150x150

The internet was buzzing throughout the day about the series premiere of Smash, which aired last night.  If you have not seen it yet, you can do so in our Watch Smash section.  Take a look at what some had to say about the premiere.

Not that “Smash” is to be confused with a moody character study or a biting backstage satire. This is one big unapologetic feather-headress-waving, sequined derriere-twitching, high-note-holding love song to the siren call of song, dance and the theatrical life. But if there is no adversity, there can be no triumph. And “Smash” is a triumph.

This was the pilot this season that had me dying the most to see what happens next. It didn’t hurt that the way they left it off, with a terrific song – and Karen and Ivy almost running into each other before walking into callbacks – was absolute perfection. I think we’ll see more than a few Emmy nominations this summer.

Smash is here as something bright, shiny and new… and making a very good first impression. Here’s hoping it can stay this strong going forward.

It’s not presumptuous to assume Smash will go into a second season, if it can hold onto the promising audience that tuned in for the premiere. It’s a major win for a hit-starved network in need of one, as well as for despondent Glee fans in search of a new musical story with its head and heart in the right place.

The bottom line is that “Smash” the pilot was certainly enticing enough to keep me watching and to merit some attention from anyone who values quality scripted television over.